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Unless you have tried walking with snowshoes this is absolutely one of the best testing events. Even when you have tried earlier you can still join this event and learn more.

You will first get an introduction to the snowshoe, different shoe and binding types. You will also get a pair of poles for stability. You will also get some first tip on different walking techniques.

We will start on a flat, easy terrain and as we move on we will also try some slight up-, and downhill terrain.   


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This hike is for you who already have quite a good physique as we will cover some more distance. The hike is also arranged  in a slightly more challenging terrain. 

half day hike

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The full moon has for centuries played a strong role in different cultures. It was also a way to count and describe time.


I have done Full Moon hikes on snowshoes quite many times and they are indeed very special. When the sky is clear the light is totally incredible. It's so bright that even when walking in the forest you don't need any head lamp.


Quite often the weather is cold during full moon phases, don't ask me why. When you are out late in the evening and away from the traffic what you hear is only silence. It's a very special experience for most of us. When you stop and listen you start hearing your own heart beat.


Let's follow the weather forecast when we are getting closer to the night of the Full Moon. Follow Dare2Do on Facebook for more updates or contact me directly.

In case you have questions or comments feel free to click below.

full moon hike

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In case you want to walk by yourself utilizing the every man's right you can also simply rent some snowshoes.

Dare2Do has a selection of brands like TSL (12), GV (3), Tubbs (1), Atlas (2) and Morpho (5). See images for models. 

Rental prices range from 15-18€ for one day. (49-59€ for a full week)    

snowshoe rental

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