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Have you ever been sitting in a sea kayak - on the water I mean? Have you been interested in testing but felt that the groups are always too big? Now you have the golden opportunity to test in a group of only 5 participants. In a smaller group there is more time for personal guidance and I'm quite sure that everyone will enjoy more. My aim is that you can let go of being afraid and simply start to feel the excitement and joy. Before you know it you might have a new hobby? 

You can join alone, meet new interesting people, equally wound up and ready to go, or you can book an event only for yourself and your friends.

After a short introduction of ourselves, the kayaks and other equipment we will spend as much time on the water as possible. 

In case you would fall in, or you like to try some rescue technique before we end, I suggest you bring a towel and a set of exchange clothes. All the extra things you should pack in a waterproof bag.

Otherwise you don't need much. Some light shoes, preferably without strings. Trousers, a t-shirt or long sleeve. A light windproof jacket and a cap for the head.

Bring a bottle with water or juice and some snacks you like. If you bring glasses I recommend you to buy a floating device in case you drop them. A water proof pocket for your mobile is also good to have.

GUIDed Testing

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Rescue training is fun.

The risk for hypothermia can never be closed out in our waters, even during the summer. It is important that you do manage to get yourself and your friend out of the water as soon as possible. Even when kayakers seldom fall in the more potential risk, when it happens, is that you might find yourself, or a friend, in a bad spot. Falling in and being in the water for long while doing crossings is unsafe as there is also other traffic. The shorter time it takes to rescue someone out from the water the better. 

During this event you can also, if you wish, try to do a self rescue before we go through the basic techniques. Many people feel that they will never learn but after a few trials and some tips you will most probably succeed. Most people are after a bit of guidance capable of rescuing a friend. This is not only easier but also less energy consuming.

Knowing how to self rescue gives confidence. Knowing how to rescue a fellow kayaker builds confidence in the group.

Join this training event and start your journey towards becoming a trusted rescuer.


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The 10 hour course is arranged according to guidelines from the Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation

PAddling course

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We start quite early in the morning and head out for a fun day on the water. Stops will be made on the water for snacks and drinking. We will also find a spot for a relaxing lunch hour. When the weather is nice we might decide to find time for a dip in the blue.

Before the event you will get more information about what to bring with you and what to wear also depending on the weather forecast and whether we go for a few hours or a full day.

day tripS

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One of the most relaxing activities during the summer is to camp somewhere out, why not on a small island in the archipelago. Swimming and chilling in the evening and a fresh morning dip before the breakfast is easily becoming a must.

Before the event you will get more information about what to bring with you and what to wear also depending on the weather forecast.  

trip with overnight stay

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Paddling in itself can be seen as a retreat. A retreat from something you don't like or the every day stress. Do you feel stressed from your workload? Are you angry at your boss or colleagues? You might feel stressed without even being able to put your finger on why. This might then be your safety valve.

A paddling retreat, however, doesn't require a high stress hormone level. It's a lot easier than that.

All people don't like to chit chat. This is why I like to offer paddling as an activity in which you simply have the right to be quiet. You have also the right to enjoy paddling without a guide who can not keep his mouth shut. You are given an opportunity to enjoy nature, being on the water, to reflect on your own thoughts or whatever - in silence.

When choosing an event like this it's of course important that we all respect each other in the group. I will do my best to answer any question you might have but when doing so, try not to disturb the others. Otherwise I will not disturb or intervene unless there is something I need to make you aware of - a boat approaching or some other thing that might challenge you or the group in some way.

When the retreat sounds like a treat, do click on the button below or give me a tingle. 


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