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There is a saying like "well planned is halfway done...". It is of course important to plan, but what should the plan contain? If you plan for the worst you will most probably not carry it out.

The main rule when you start is to keep it simple. Keep dreaming of multi-day hikes in the wild while you start local. In this way you keep focus on what is safe even when something you didn't foresee will happen. If you forget to bring or loose something it's most probably not the end of the world. Some friend can bring it out to you or you will perhaps even manage well without it.

I can assist you with getting started, becoming more active, seeking your next challenge, getting more experience and building confidence, both physically and mentally.

Plan & do a hike

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You have most probably heard of Barefoot shoes?

My experience is quite positive. Many years ago I had quite a severe back problem. Starting to use barefoot shoes was one step in the process of getting back in shape. I started with short walks. Over the years I have done several multiple day hikes with a heavy backpack in barefoot shoes. The longest hike was from Nikkaluokta to Abisko in Sweden. 

The biggest benefit from using barefoot shoes is that your walking becomes more natural and causes less stress on the back. 

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Walk barefoot