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MY values

I can not say that I am green - I just feel that overexploiting limited resources of almost any for pure economical reason and benefit is not right. We are part of Mother Nature and should appreciate and respect the same. I am also no friend of littering. Seeing the development in our community with regards to a clean environment we are heading in the right direction but not fast enough. It is not about cleaning more but throwing away less. Sustainability is a word frequently used and improved in many ways. However, taking a shortcut across the parking lot of a company marketing high sustainability easily proves that human is still human.

There is improvement in the way of thinking I feel but it takes time to change our habits. We need all to act as an example of a good citizen. We often pick up litter when out trailrunning (plogging) or paddling.     

Rolli trailrunner_edited
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