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Man has used hand made snowshoes for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. It enabled people early on to walk on snow in order to hunt, get firewood or do trade. 

Today people still use snowshoes for foresting, hunting or simply because it's fun.

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People hike for different reasons. Some like day hikes and some hike for weeks. Hiking is a good physical exercise which most of us can do. Often hiking brings you close to nature.

We can organize day hikes, or hikes with overnight stay.

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Paddling in its various forms is a very relaxing outdoor activity. While we silently machine ourselves forward we come closer to wildlife in the archipelago. The scenes we witness are often breathtaking and we easily create memories for life.

You can come and test, train rescues, take a course, do day trips etc.  

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SUrvival skills

Even when you don't aim for the most extreme challenge some basic survival skills are good to know. You may say that you are safe and nothing will happen. These skills can still make a difference when you need to assist someone else.

How to build a shelter? Matches versus fire steel? Can you light and maintain a fire in the forest even after rain? 


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